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Four Powerful Process Management Tools

Develop a Refined Business Process & Manage It Effectively


Process Coordinator

Develop a High Performance Process Architecture

Process Architecture

Generate Full Process Function Checklists

Process Checklists

Manage the details of Each Process Function

Process Journal

Generate Details About Function Checklists






 Process Regulator

The Process Regulator Toolset offers four toolsets that make building and improving an effective process a certainty rather than a guessing game. Rather than tolerating operating on a set of habits that got formed over time but is less effective, it is now possible with this tool to set up a highly regulated process. Such a process has a flow of actions and accountabilities that if regulated will consistently lead to a successful outcome. Whether working alone or with a team a defined process is a more manageable process. It also served as a type of constitution to which people In a sense pledge an oath to follow so that success can be achieved.



Tool 1: Process Coordinator

When there is the need for various processes in different domains of accountability these need to be coordinated.  

Tool 2: Process Architecture

A process has an design made up of phases, functions, steps, actions , and details on how to

Tool 3: Process Checklists

Manage project progression from initial launch through the phases to a successful deal completion. 


Tool 4: Process Journal

Capture a complete record of lessons learned and future possibilities for improvement that emerge..



 Process Coordinator

Design, Develop & Direct the Flow of Work In a Process.  


The Process Coordinator Tools is designed to allow for the management of a variety of distinct processes in a different domains. Such coordination is essential to avoid the distraction and even disruption that can come when unmanaged processes and projects collide with each other. As it turns out we can only work on one thing at a time so having a structure for minimizing distraction and disruptions is essential to success. The process Coordinator ensures a balance between priorities is maintained.

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Process Architecture

Know the Flow of Your Process So Nothing Gets Missed.  


The Process Architecture Tool make it possible to design the flow of process phases and functions. Once a superstructure of phases and functions with each phase has been established it is then possible to lay in the steps involved in a function, the actions required to complete the steps and the details of information needed to ensure each step is completed fully and accurately. A strong process architecture must have seamless flow so that various deliverables from one phase or function to the next is seamless. The key is understanding the phases and functions but more so how they flow together to achieve a desired outcome.

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Process Checklists

Manage the Accountabilities and the Flow Within Each Function. 


The Process Checklist Tool is designed to list out the Steps within a Function and the actions required to complete each step. Both in training people in the execution of a process and in following a process it is essential to have a checklist so uniformity of execution can be achieved. There is nothing more disruptive and damaging ti performance than having to fix incomplete steps that should have been completed before you are in the current phase. By instituting a clear and complete process checklist we can ensure that everything will get done as intended and the process will continue to flow without any project breakdowns.      

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Process Journal

List Out the Specific Actions & Detailed Descriptions

The Process Journal Tool is designed to ensure that any and all details regarding actions are available when needed and that any and all future possibilities or challenges should be recorded. Failure to provide complete and accurate details needed for the completion of an Action within a Step will cause a project to lose its momentum and possible go completely off course. Also, it is essential to capture any ideas for improvements, possibilities for the future, for clients and team, and any key notes that will make you better at the process and able to empower others to do the same. Such a journal can make the difference in process improvement and your ability to maintain a high standard of excellence as the project evolves over time to meet new needs. 

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